lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

Lizardmen Scenery: Spawning Pool

In this post I am going to share with all of you a piece of scenery I made some years ago.
The first idea was to use resin to get the water effect, but since I was really inexperienced in the hobby, I almost destroyed all my work burning the polystyrene I used with the hot resin.
Some months later, I decided to finish the work, so I removed all the damaged parts, and placed new polystyrene structures. This time, I didn't want to risk my work and used Citadel's Water Effect, which made me happy with the results.

1st Step:

Work the polystyrene to build the structures. I used high density polystyrene, which is really appropriate because the shapes you get smoother when you cut it are much smoother than the ones with low density polystyrene. Furthermore, it is cheap, light and easy to paint (DO NOT SPRAY IT).

This photo shows a zigurat I made using the same material (I don't have photos of the Spawning Pool unpainted), sorry about it). I hope it helps you to design yours :p

2nd Step:

Once you have got the structure built up (glued, attached...), it is time to paint it. My Spawnin Pool is painted with a standard stone scheme. I primed it black, and dry brushed it from dark to light grey. I really recommend the use of washes, green or brown ones, to give it an ancient appearance.

The small eggs I placed are the known balls from the chains used in the bathroom for example.


Be careful when you build weak structures...

But fortunately, sometimes it is really easy to fix it.

 3rd Step:

Add the final details to give it a nice finish. I used high grass, and made some bambú trees. The base was decorated with sand and grass.

Finished product:

Hope you like it and thanks for reading.


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